Manual Line Breaks: End a line with two or more spaces.
New paragraph:Enter
# H1 # or  #H1 or  # H1
## H2 ## or   ##H2 or  # H2
(closing #'s are optional)
Links:[Link text](link url)
Bullet Lists
* A list item.
1. A number list.
Tables: Use Typora: Paragraph/Table builder
![alt text](/path/img.jpg)
hr: Three or more dashes or asterisks.
Internal links in document: An [example link text](#header-name-id) ie
<h3 id="header-name-id">example link ext</h3>

Task List: - [ ] (one space in middle of square brackets)
> Blockquote (no need to wrap end with another >)
```Code``` (backticks:Fn, Esc in Drevo)

Calculator: L,D,R (shape of C)
Brave Browser open: D,R,U,L, small ‘b’
New Chrome browser with Gmail: Up,Down,Up,Down
Xyplorer Downloads Folder: Drag up
Show volume bar & -1: Left, Down (upside down L)
Minimize active window:drag down
Drag Up: Downloads folder in Xyplorer 
L,U: go one level up in Xyplorer
L,D: go one level down in Xyplorer
Browser Zoom small: R,D right,down
Browser Zoom Large: R,U right, up
L=back, browser
R=forward, browser
L,R=refresh browser
R,L,U=new tab

Fastkeys Text Expander
pf = opens Xyplorer file manager
downy = Downloads folder in Xyplorer
dbox = opens dbox folder in Xyplorer
desky = Desktop in Xyplorer (only use in other apps like browser; not Xyplorer)
#href = opens a href link creator with input fields.
ccc = opens calculator
ctt = current time
,dd = today’s date and time

To Choose List of Phrases: Pick from list, see example. ,op (Opening Phrases)

Fastkeys also supports text spinning!!

Fastkeys can have Markdown shortcuts.

Document Hotkeys

Opens Windows file open browser: Ctrl, o 
Recent files/folders: Alt, q 
Beginning of current line: Home
End of current line: End
Begin/end of paragraph: Ctrl, down/up arrow 
Begin/end of doc: Ctrl, home/end or home/end 
Move 1 word left, right: Ctrl, arrows
Select from cursor to end of line, beginning of line: Shift, Down/Up Arrow 
Select 1 word left, right: select whole page up/down: Ctrl, Shift, L/R Arrow, Hm/End 
Select from cursor to end of line: Shift, End 
Select from cursor to beginning of line: Shift, Home

Delete Line or selected: Ctrl, Shift, k
Delete from cursor to beginning of line: Shift, Home, delete 

Windows key, m
: minimize all windows
Windows key, shift, m: restore all windows
Windows key, up/down arrow: minimize restore current window
Windows, period: brings up emojis
Move current app window left/right: Shift, Windows key, L/R arrow


Change Text Case
Sublime Text 3
Ctrl, caps to bring up menu selection (toggle)

Exposure X5

Exposure X5



Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3


Sublime Text 3



XnView MP

Powerdirector 16 +

Powerdirector 16
Powerdirector G13 Keyboard Shortcuts
Powerdirector 16

Powerdirector Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Home: sends playhead to beginning of timeline or clip selected
  • End: sends playhead to end of timeline or end of clip
  • PgUp:switch to Clip
  • PgDn:switch to Movie
  • Ctrl, T: splits a clip; creates 2 separate clips
  • Ctrl, Y: redoes last action
  • Delete: select clip and hit delete key
  • period key:move playhead 1 frame right at a time
  • comma key (,):move playhead key 1 frame left at a time
  • Ctrl, Delete:Delete and move clip
  • Alt, Delete:delete clip and move all timeline clips over
  • Alt, right arrow:move clip right 1 frame at a time
  • Alt, left arrow :move clip left 1 frame at a time

Hercules Starlight